Samsung VS AppleApple might seem to be the winning side so far when it comes to its legal battles with Samsung, but it seems that the tide could very well be turning with the latest development happening in Australia – it seemed that Samsung actually picked up a rare patent win versus Apple in that part of the world. What are the implications of that? Samsung Electronics will be able to once again sell their Galaxy Tab range of tablets Down Under, from as early as Friday in fact. The Australian federal court unanimously lifted a preliminary injunction that was imposed by a lower court concerning the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s sales, so it would be interesting to see what kind of implications this will have in the long run where similar court cases are in different parts of the world such as Germany.

Apple will no doubt appeal this ruling, and at the moment, it would not make much difference to Cupertino anyways considering the kind of stranglehold that they have over the global tablet market, despite Samsung being the closest competitor, it is still a distance away where being second is concerned. Now, to sit down, hold tight and wonder just how far the rest of the other 9 countries will rule the outcome based on this.

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