There is this particular perception that Japan is a land where plenty of robots run around – after all, this is the country that introduced the Transformers to the world, not to mention a whole bunch of other manga characters of the digital kind. Hence, it is only poetic justice that Professor Tachi who hails from Japan’s Keio University, has managed to successfully work on the Telesar V, a telexistence robot avatar that he is extremely proud of. What is the Telesar V capable of? For starters, it is said that this particular robot is able to transmit sight, hearing and heck – even touch, so that it can “ free people from time and space constraints”.

How does it work? Well, it basically functions as a digital representation of yourself at a remote location – you see and hear what the Telesar V “sees” and “hears”. Heck, you can even “feel” the shape and temperature of various objects that it comes into contact with courtesy of built-in sensors in its hands. I am thinking that this might open up a totally new avenue for some folks to commit secret trysts – albeit using their robotic avatars to meet up. Now that would be creepy, but at least it makes it possible for you to be in two places at one time.

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