SeaBirdLooking for the next cool underwater ride to spend your money on? AquaVenture’s SeaBird might be what you need. The company recently announced a new version of its SeaBird submarine – a unique submarine that doesn’t rely on an engine in order to move through water. If you’re wondering how it gets from once place to another, the answer is simple. No there’s no magic or trickery involved, but thanks to the help of another vessel.

Yes, you read right: the SeaBird is attached to a boat on the surface via a 400 feet long cable and is towed towards where it wants to go. Since it doesn’t rely on its own engine on working, it can travel at speeds to over 40 miles per hour, which makes it faster than any other personal subermersible available.  Pretty impressive – just make sure nothing gets caught in between the cables while it’s being towed, or it won’t be a very pretty sight.

The SeaBird will be able to seat two passengers, and will have features such as positive buoyancy which lets it float to the surface when the towing vessel stops or is discontinued from the SeaBird. The submarine is also capable of performing rapid 360-degree rolls and climb and dive steeper than most roller coasters, if zooming through the water isn’t exciting enough for you.

No word on when the SeaBird will go on sale, but it is currently in the works and will have a base price of about $210,000 when it does.

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