To have an invisibility cloak is the stuff of legends, and will remain mostly in the deep recesses of your imagination. After all, who doesn’t want to be unseen to the rest of the world? There seems to be many way of doing it, including wearing an invisibility cloak, casting an invisibility spell, wear Sauron’s Ring of Power…the list goes on. Back in the real world, how do you make a submarine totally invisible on radar of other vessels?

Well, the day of success might still be some ways off, but super stealthy submarines are definitely the future as scientists are working on a method to channel fluid intelligently around objects in order for the ‘theory’ to be proven. To put it in a nutshell, silent submarines will leave no turbulence in its wake, and since it is a whole lot more ergonomic, you need not worry too much about underwater drag and its consequences.

The solution lies in channelling the fluid around the object – but this must be done in a perfect manner so that you are able to solve both problems simultaneously. Mesh patterns are the saviour here, as the scientists claim that this solves the problem of an ‘invisible’ submarine, and with enough skill, mesh patterns can be delivered to cover larger objects or those of different shapes.

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