While solar power may be a rather attractive option given the state of our environment, sometimes going green might be more expensive compared to the more traditional route, so as good as some of our intentions are, going green is just out of our budget. However that may soon change thanks to Berlin-based startup company Changers.


They have introduced a new portable solar charging system that not only lets you charge your gadgets on the go, but gives you points in return that you can then spend at selected retailers. The Changers Starter Kit is being priced at $149 and will come with a solar battery and a solar panel which can reportedly generate up to 4 watts of electricity per hour. According to Changers, this should be enough to fully charge the solar battery n four hours and will be enough to charge an iPhone two times over.

The amount of energy that you’ve saved and carbon pollution that you have potentially saved will then by uploaded to Changer’s website where you can track your stats and compare them to the others in the community. The amount of energy that you’ve managed to generate is then converted into Changers Credits that can then be spent with eco-minded retail partners on Changers Marketplace.

Like we said, a bit pricey to get off the ground, but if you figure that the stuff from the Changers Marketplace are items you would buy on a regular basis and want to do your part for the environment, head on down to Changers’ website for more information.

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