With Nokia committing themselves to making and selling Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices, would you really be that surprised if Microsoft just bought over Nokia’s smartphone division? Well it seems that Denmark’s largest bank, Danske Bank, thinks so as well as they have announced that Nokia could be selling their smartphone division to Microsoft.

Naturally Nokia denied these rumors by refusing to comment on them, so either Danske Bank is knows something we don’t or they are simply spreading wild rumors. It seems that rumors of Nokia possibly selling off their smartphone division to Microsoft is a pretty old one, but in a way it sort of makes sense since that would help streamline the Windows Phone process, much like how Apple controls the hardware all the way to the software with their iPhone.

Does this rumor hold a shred of truth? When rumors suggested that Nokia might be partnering up with Microsoft for Windows Phone, many believed that it wouldn’t happen, but look at where we are now. Either way we’d suggest you take this piece of rumor with a grain of salt for now until something a little more concrete actually starts to develop.

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