We’re sure that iPhone owners can empathize with other iPhone owners who rely on charging docks. They’re a great way to prop your phone up but unfortunately not that easy to remove. They’re usually jammed in pretty tight and will often require both your hands and a bit of twisting in order to pry it loose. This is not a bad thing as it means that your phone won’t slip out of the dock, but what if you wanted to grab your phone from the dock as easily as you would a cordless phone? That’s where Elevation Dock for the iPhone comes in.

Its not the most technologically advanced dock in terms of features, but according to its creators, thanks to its special low-friction connection, solid metal construction and tacky rubber feet, undocking your iPhone will be a breeze. In fact unlike most docks, the Elevation Dock appears to pride themselves with its ability to support iPhones even with their cases on thanks to its movable support pad.

The dock is made from aircraft grade aluminum and has been “hand buffed, glass bead blasted, electro-chemically micropolished, hard anodized and sealed,” and we have to admit it looks pretty good standing next to the iMac as pictured above. The good news is that the Elevation Dock has managed reach and surpass its Kickstarter project goal of $75,000, so for more information on the Elevation Dock and if you’d like to pick up one for yourself, head on down to their Kickstarter page.

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