KinectThe Kinect entered the Guinness World Records this year for being the best-selling consumer electronics device, and while that may be true you might notice there isn’t a lot of support for the motion controller, especially when it comes to apps and triple A titles. In fact there are only a handful of notable apps that currently make full use of the Kinect; personally, more Kinect-modified-PC apps than Kinect-enabled apps on the Xbox 360 come to mind when I think about the Kinect. It looks like that all might change.

It has been reported that Microsoft has set new requirements for games on the new Xbox – apparently they want to make sure that all apps will make full use of its voice recognition and motion control capabilities in the future. Microsoft will even be helping developers by providing tools to aid in the development process. Now let’s hope developers can find clever ways to implement Kinect usage in their apps for the next Xbox. How many of you own a Kinect, and how often do you use it?

Update (11/12): corrected the article, it will be apps that require Kinect-functionality in the future, not games.

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