Google Cloud PrintGoogle’s Cloud Print service is a pretty handy feature that allows wireless printing from a number of devices, namely mobile phones, tablets and Chromebooks. Well now it looks like Google is planning to expand its availability. Google announced today that Cloud Print will be available to all Google Chrome users. Regardless of whether you’re on a Mac, Windows or Linux computer; as long as you’re using the Google Chrome web browser, you’ll be able to print wirelessly to any printers that you’ve set up with Google Cloud Print.


In addition to the recently released features such as sharing control and access to your printers, Save to Google Docs and the tablet-friendly management page for Google Cloud Print, Google’s wireless printing service has gotten a lot better since its introduction last year. In an environment where we’re starting to see less and less wires, Google is headed in the right direction with Cloud Print. How many of you use Cloud Print frequently and what do you think of it so far?

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