GmailThe Google Gmail app for iOS devices was finally released this year, but then pulled off from the App Store due to unforeseen circumstances, and then put up again shortly. In an attempt to give the app a better experience, Google has been steadily pushing out improvements and today the app has received another update. The latest version of Gmail for iOS now includes the ability to set custom signatures and vacation responders, and the labels feature has improved with support for nested labels. iOS 5 users will also get a new notification sound to make it easier to distinguish new emails from other alerts.

The new Gmail for iOS app also includes the ability to make sketches so that users can quickly and easily use doodles and scribbles for those situations where plain words can’t seem to convey the message. Google also mentioned that new features such as multiple sign-in, banner notifications and more will be available in future versions of the app, stay tuned. In the meantime grab the latest version of Gmail from the Apple App Store.

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