Half-Life 2 Gravity GunIf you’re a fan of Half-Life 2 and you’ve got a lot of money to spend, why not put it towards a good cause and get something you would love at the same time as well? Harrison Krix, a freelance props and replica artist has announced on his blog that he will be auctioning off his Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun prop at the Penny Arcade Child’s Play Auction Dinner. The Gravity Gun has been painstakingly modeled after the weapon of the same name from the game won’t let you pull objects towards you but it will go very nicely on your shelf of video game memorabilia or in your hand to match your Gordon Freeman Comic Con/Halloween outfit.

Details about the build process, and what it was made of will be released in the coming weeks, but for now you can just ogle at the photographs of the makeshift weapon at the source link. However, if you’re interested in bidding for the item but don’t have tickets to this year’s Auction Dinner, contact Jamie Dillion to learn about remote participation. A definite must-have for the hardcore Half-Life 2 fan!

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