I know that touchscreen displays are all the rage these days, which is why it makes perfect sense to pair up your recent smartphone purchase with a protective case as well as a protective layer for the display. You can’t tell just when you will drop the phone, can you, and who knows, some envious colleague might actually want to introduce Mr. Scratch to your device’s surface without you realizing it? Well, you can further pimp up your handset if you want to with these 3D holograms that you see above, where they will appear whenever the phone’s display is not in use (as in, lighted up), and when the backlight is turned on, you can see everything on the screen with a slight alpha-like effect in real life where the hologram is concerned. It does look rather gaudy to some, but I am quite sure there is a market out there for an accessory like this to make an appearance and warrant mass production.

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