samsung hologram patentIt’s always in the movies that we see computers and displays with working interactive holograms, although a recent DIY hologram display for your smartphone has been seeing a lot of interest as well. That being said if you wanted a more complete solution, Samsung seems to be interested in the idea as well.

According to a recent Samsung patent discovered by the folks at Patently Mobile, it looks like Samsung is exploring the idea of creating holographic displays for its smartphones. Now before you get too excited, it should be noted that this is just a patent meaning that there’s no guarantee that it will ever be made, but it’s still an interesting idea nonetheless.

So what is the patent about? Basically it talks about a method for embedding holographic icons in the display panel which can then be selectively illuminated by an internal light guide. This means that the icons are static and pre-programmed, so don’t expect to be able to watch holographic movies just yet.

However the idea is pretty cool as it can serve up as notifications. So instead of walking over to your phone to see if there is a email, text, or missed call, the holographic display will be able to project the notification above your smartphone’s display, which we have to admit sounds like a pretty neat trick.

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