holograph-visualizationThe future of interactive user interfaces might be here already, assuming you are into cool looking 3D holograms that tend to be featured in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Microsoft Research has shown off a new project known as Holograph recently, where it was put through the paces, rendering large amounts of data, and not only in 3D, but also in a manner where it resembles as though it is being projected above a display.

Holograph’s team leader Curtis Wong shared on how this particular project is able to deliver a way to create visuals with data that is put within, such as Excel. Wong continued, “That enables anybody with any kind of data, like location or time, to easily plot that data onto a map or globe. If you select ‘date,’ and you have date or time information, you’ll be able to watch that data play out over time.”

Holograph will surely do its bit to make real the dreams of sci-fi fans, including the famous Princess Leia hologram in “Star Wars” where she was projected by R2-D2, saying, “You’re my only hope.” Perhaps a game of 3D battleships or 3D chess might be able to make traditional games all the more popular. [Press Release]

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