When was the very first time that you watched a movie and figured out that you were unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is computer generated? I am quite sure that for some of us, Jurassic Park would be one of the earlier titles, while others might point to the work done on Terminator 2. Regardless, computer animation work has advanced to such a degree these days, that it might be possible to actually bring the dead back to life, so to speak. Case in point, this Michael Jackson hologram that “performed” at the Billboard Music Awards.

”Michael” was spotted slouched atop a gilded, leopard-print throne, where the hologram then lip-synched and gesticulated along to “Slave to the Rhythm,” which so happens to be a track from the most recent posthumous Jackson album, Xscape. There were dancers all around that contorted themselves in a seamless manner, and those who watched the video above might be inclined to agree that the hologram is a good effort, but he is far from the real thing.

It remains to be seen whether we should just let the dead remain that – dead, without “raising” them up to life again in an electronic representation of themselves. I suppose this is a continuation from the Coachella 2012 premiere of the Tupac Shakur hologram.

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