Microsoft Tag artTechnology has been used to create art in so many different ways – it’s nothing new. But it’s always refreshing to see it being used in a brand new way that hasn’t been done before – and I think the Tag: We’re It digital art installation pulls it off successfully. This digital art installation that was recently shown off in Austin, Texas; made use of Microsoft Tag technology to add a twist to the interactive art show.

In the exhibition, there would be a white wall with random dots placed all over it and users will use a frame to encompass a random area of dots. They then run an app on their smartphone/tablet to scan the Tags created with the frame, and are then treated to a video clip that corresponds to the matching tag. With a hundred pre-recorded video clips available for visitors to spot, there is plenty of footage for them to see in a single visit. And the fact that visitors get to “select” what they want to see adds interactivity to what would otherwise be a pretty dull exhibition.

It’s not mind-blowing, but it does open up the possibilities to what art can be in the future. Check out the video demonstration for yourself to see Microsoft Tag in action:

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