Rumors of Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox has started to gain some traction what with the end of the year approach and about a little over half a year until E3 2012, which is when many are expecting Microsoft to announce the Xbox 720 or whatever they’ve decided to finally call it. Well according to CNET, if you were looking forward to the Xbox 720 in 2012, you could be in for a disappointment.

According to one of their sources within the Xbox team, if you were looking forward to Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox gaming console, 2013 would be the year that Microsoft plans to release it which seems to corroborate earlier reports of a 2013 launch. This may or may not imply that Microsoft will announce or show off a prototype at E3 2012, but either way we wouldn’t get our hopes up until we actually hear an official announcement of sorts.

CNET’s sources on the Xbox team have also revealed that Don Coyner, the man who helped propel the Xbox to success, has been replaced by Emma Williams who was part of the newly launched redesign of the Xbox Live interface. Naturally Microsoft declined to comment on both matters, and as much as our gaming enthusiast readers out there are looking forward to a new Xbox, we suggest taking all of this with a grain of salt for now.

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