Firefox Gamepad APIIt looks like Mozilla is about to take web gaming to a whole new level. The company has recently announced the introduction of the Gamepad API (application programming interface) which will let game developers enable gamepad access from within Firefox. At the moment, gamepads have only been available to consoles and desktop computer games, but with the Gamepad API, developers can now create web games that support the use of USB or Bluetooth connected gamepads on the computer.
Once developers start making use of the Gamepad API, you won’t have to play web-based games with the keyboard and mouse anymore; fighting and sports games just got a little more fun. And with web technologies improving everyday, the future of gaming could lie in the web browser. After all, the cross-platform support is a pretty big incentive for developers since they can code a game once and it will play the same on any operating system. Check out a short demonstration of the Gamepad API, and head to the source link to read up more about it:

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