Have you ever wanted to own a pair of motorized shoes? Well short of strapping on a pair of roller skates, rollerblades or Heelys shoes, all of which are manually powered, how about taking a look at this Kickstarter project called spnKiX, which in its essence is a pair of motorized shoes.

These “shoes” are battery powered with each shoe featuring a motor, a motor controller strapped to a battery pack which reportedly will last you a good 2-3 miles and will take 2-3 hours for a full charge. They also come with straps that will allow you to strap them to your current pair of shoes along with a wireless remote control that controls the shoes.

According to spnKiX’s designer, Peter Treadway, the shoes can travel up to speeds of 10mph, although we’re not sure about the legal ramifications here – i.e. is it safe to use on pavements/roads, etc. Either way if you think you’d love a pair of spnKiX just for some weekend fun around the neighborhood, head on down to their Kickstarter page where you will be able to help fund the project and turn it into a reality.

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