The Tokyo Motor Show this year will feature its fair share of starlets as usual, and surely going green is one of the main themes. Suzuki delivered their Swift EV Hybrid vehicle that will boast of an extended range to better cater for its customers. Suzuki claims that the majority of Swift owners travel between 12 and 18 miles each day (no idea on who their demographic is comprised of), hence Suzuki’s engineers got to work to design this range-extended EV in order to cover that kind of distance using just pure electric power alone.

A tiny displacement internal combustion engine will still be there to continue from where the charging duties left off just in case the vehicle’s batteries are depleted, similar to how the Chevrolet Volt works in principle. According to Suzuki, this design will be more advantageous over the standard electric vehicle since it will rely o a far smaller battery, making it cheaper to manufacture and lighter to boot. Not only that, a smaller battery equals to a shorter charging time. Will we see the Suzuki Swift EV hybrid roll out soon?

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