Just how many of you use a stylus with your iPad or Android-powered tablet? I suppose only folks who perform some rather pressure sensitive tasks that need precision as well do, and as we all know, the majority of stylii out there tend to look and work the same way. Not with the txtRng though, as this particular accessory might actually change the way the stylus industry works if it catches on with the imagination of the masses.

Being an “on-hand” stylus, the txtRng will slip on to your thumb, where it can double up as a touch screen accessory for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, the works! You thumb will do all the “talking” with the display’s device after that, although the txtRng will also be able to work just fine when you use it on your index finger as well, which would make much more sense if you are going to do a whole lot of drawing. Would you fork out $29.99 for the txtRng though?

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