With so many passwords to remember and with different websites requiring different styles of passwords, i.e. alphanumeric, with a mixture of uppercase and lowercase, a minimum 6/8/10 characters, etc, short of actually writing them down, there are times when you have to resort to the “I forgot my password” button. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 is looking to eliminate that problem with password storage and syncing.

Users will log into Windows 8 with Live ID, a new feature of the operating system. Upon logging in, and based on your Live ID, Windows 8 will then fetch and sync passwords that you have stored and saved for various websites onto that particular (and trusted) Windows 8 computer, which takes the hassle out of signing back in to various websites and attempting to remember usernames and passwords especially on new computers.

The passwords to websites will be stored on the new Internet Explorer 10 that securely houses your credentials and fetches them when needed. What this allows you to do is set passwords that are as complex and unique as you desire without worrying about forgetting them. However if you need to see those passwords for whatever reason, you will be able to call them up from the credential manager tool from any of your Trusted PCs as you can see in the screenshot above.

Naturally there are some risks to this, such as the possibility of forgetting your Live ID password itself, or someone getting hold of your Live ID password thus gaining access to all your password protected websites, but it’s still good to see that Microsoft is looking to make life a bit more easier on the average user. For more information you can head on down to the Building Windows 8 blog at the source link below.

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