Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun propRemember the Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun prop that was put up for auction at the Penny Arcade Child’s Play Auction Dinner in December? The auction is over and it looks like we’ve got the results of how much it was sold for. According to the creator of the prop, Harrison Krix, the winning bid for the prop was an incredible $21,000! While the prop isn’t capable of pulling and shooting things away like in the game, it does make for an awesome companion for any cosplayers who want to dress up like Gordon Freeman.

In addition to revealing the winning bid for the gun, Krix also gave a detailed write-up with accompanying photographs showing off how the gun was made. Judging by the amount of work that was put into creating the gun, you can be sure that it was no walk in the park. Check out the video showing a full 360 view render of the gun below and head over to Krix’s blog for more details.

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