It looks like the spirit of Christmas has been pretty strong this holiday season. It has been reported that a Canadian man, Martin Reisch managed to enter the US with a scan of his passport that was on his iPad. Apparently he had left his passport at home when he was on his way to deliver some Christmas gifts to his friend’s kids. When he was stopped at the border, he presented his driver’s license and decided to try his luck with the iPad instead of making a two-hour drive back home to get his passport.

Fortunately luck was on his side when the border officer, after a few minutes of deliberation, gave him permission to enter the country. Granted this probably doesn’t happen all the time, but it does show that sometimes miracles do happen. Reisch returned to Canada later that day using his “iPad passport” again. No word on whether the officer was reprimanded for his kindness but the children of Resich’s friends should have him to thank for receiving gifts on Christmas.

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