[CES 2012] Coming up in CES 2013, there will be a new LG HDTV that features edge-to-edge displays, but while we await that magical moment to arrive in home entertainment history, there is still the matter of going through what CES 2012 delivers. LG does not disappoint those who want visually appealing TVs in their living room this year, introducing the Cinema Screen Design that will reduce the bezel to an amazing 1mm, paving the way for a more optimal and comfortable environment – especially for immersive 3D viewing. Ever wonder what is up next LG’s sleeves?

The Cinema Screen is said to translate the latest advances in LG’s display technology into an aesthetically superior form. Expect to see the new family of CINEMA 3D Smart TVs that have gone through the fat house, where physical obstructions have been removed to enable a greater immersion of 3D effects that might just bring you back to the first time you were wowed by a 3D movie at the silver screen. Expect the new Cinema Screen design to be followed by new CINEMA 3D glasses for this year, where the latter will come in three more models that are 20% lighter than their predecessors. [Press Release]

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