[CES 2012] I am quite sure many of us have had our fair share of face-palm moments when we realized that we’re all out of milk simply because someone forgot to check off the grocery list when he/she went shopping. LG hopes that will not be an issue down the road with their smart fridge that knows the inventory list within, and is capable of placing orders for more supplies whenever a certain food type runs out. Heck, if you find yourself fumbling in the kitchen, fret not – the touchscreen display will also offer cooking instructions so that you can whip up a delicious, simple dish even when time is extremely limited.

This kind of smart fridge would mean the average home appliance in the kitchen might have just made the evolutionary step into becoming a food management system, although do not expect such a system to come cheap. LG hopes to forge more partnerships in the future with online food stores so that their smart fridge can place an order whenever food stock starts to run low. A barcode reader is used to keep track of what is inside, but you will still need to do your bit by scanning individual items or an entire shopping receipt before placing food items within. Heck, the fridge also has a voice recognition system that allows you to mention the names of products out loud to add them into its memory, but seeing how voice recognition is like at this moment, it would be best to stick to the barcode reader, not to mention you would look really weird having a conversation with your fridge.

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