MicroVision PicoP engine gen 2[CES 2012] Pico projectors have been around for a couple of years already, but they have yet to make the bang that their manufacturers probably expected. The resolution count has remained pretty much the same with nominal improvements, while battery life (or rather, the lack of it) is still the biggest issue that needs to be solved. MicroVision intends to change the landscape of pico projectors with the PicoP Gen 2 Laser Display Engine, where it will be powered by direct green laser diodes. This MicroVision display engine is said to be able to deliver the highest resolution pico projection engine in its class, without sipping too much juice while making sure the size remains small. Not only that, MicroVision intends for it to be attractively (and competitively, obviously) priced to OEMs so that it can snake its way into consumer, commercial, and automotive products.

Some of the enhancements that MicroVision’s PicoP laser display technology brings include infinite focus, vivid clarity and brightness uniformity, the ability to throw 720p high-definition images and immersive displays up to 200” diagonally. Not only that, CES 2012 will also be a hotbed for MicroVision’s prototypes that sport a new HD engine that has brightness ranging from 15 to 25 lumens.

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