If you’re interested in seeing a showdown between Siri on the iPhone 4S vs. Google Voice Actions, Motorola has cooked up a video to show you the two services pitted against each other. Needless to say, Voice Actions on the DROID RAZR beats Siri on the iPhone 4S (it is a Motorola video after all) – but in case you were wondering why the DROID RAZR performed better, it’s probably due to its LTE connectivity.

For those who don’t know, both Google Voice Actions and Siri require an internet connection to function. Voice commands are sent from the phone to a remote server which does the processing, and sends the “translated” commands back to the phone. So if a phone has a faster internet connection, it’s bound to perform better. However, the video is too low resolution for us to take a closer look at the notification bar which can tell us if the test was done over WiFi/3G/4G/EDGE, or if both phones have good coverage.

But what we do know is that both voice command systems work flawlessly (except for the last test when the iPhone pulls up a Google search instead of the Motorola website) with the only difference being the time it takes to execute commands. A few extra seconds isn’t too big of a deal in a real world situation, right?

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