While Samsung’s Bada operating system might not be the smartphone platform of choice for the majority of smartphone owners out there, for those who rely heavily on GPS navigation might be interested in checking out the Samsung Wave 3 Bada-powered smartphone. TomTom, a company that’s synonymous navigational systems has apparently struck up a deal with Samsung. Basically what this deal entails is that the Samsung Wave 3 smartphone will have its maps powered by TomTom.

As far as its specifics are concerned, the deal for the Samsung Wave 3 will include map coverage for over 200 countries. For those interested in the numbers, this would basically equate to about 35 million kilometers worth of roads covered. The maps would also include features such as points of interest, traffic updates, speed camera alerts (for you speed demons out there) and 3D City Maps and 3D Landmarks. Those are some pretty nice features although we doubt Android/iOS/WP7 users will be jumping ship to Bada simply for them, but if you’re a fan of the OS, the Samsung Wave 3 might be worth your consideration.

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