samsung wifi baby monitor[CES 2012] Samsung is coming up with a new WiFi Baby Monitor. Last year at the same event, we spotted the an earlier version of this Samsung WiFi Baby Monitor, and it looks like it is finally going to make it as a product (last year’s model wasn’t on the Samsung website earlier this month).

This camera works just like the Samsung WiFi Surveillance Camera: it is quick to setup if you use a WPS router. WPS allows users to pair the Samsung WiFi Surveillance Camera with the network by simply pressing a “wps” button on the router and camera. There is no computer involved and the passwords are randomly generated, so you won’t even have to type it. The idea behind WPS is that one needs to have physical access to your router to use your network.Once setup, users can log into and start viewing the live video feeds. There is no limits for the number of cameras that the system can handle. the camera can capture 640×480 video at 30fps, including in the dark, thanks to infra-red LED lights. On that note, I would point out that although infra-red LED lights do not emit visible light, keep in mind that there is still light radiation emitted from those night-vision systems, so you may want to avoid long exposures, or orient the cameras in a way that the LED are not in direct line of sight. Do your homework.

Finally, the Baby Monitor also has two-way audio capabilities. I’m not sure why Samsung had to make two products that were so similar, but at least, you get to choose based on the look. Unlike most baby monitoring solutions, this one does not come with a remote viewer. Instead, it is possible to use a computer, smartphone or tablet to remotely view the camera.

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