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Arlo Baby Monitor Launched at CES
When the popularity of home wireless networks and the quality of the new-generation of internet cameras collide, one specific market is on the rise: the baby-cams. Netgear has understood this rather well, and has worked on an evolution of its Arlo home surveillance camera, making it a very potent baby monitor.

Sproutling Baby Monitor Observes Baby’s Sleeping Patterns
New parents would no doubt want nothing but the very best for their newborn child, and if possible, purchase everything new right from the get go for them. Other than getting a new pram as well as new clothes, a baby monitor, too, would come in handy. After all, remote monitoring is all the rage these days, right? The Sproutling Baby Monitor will be worn around baby’s ankle, allowing it […]

D-Link DCS-825L WiFi Baby Camera
[CES 2014] I’m not sure why, but the “baby monitor” function seems to be getting a boost at CES. I have seen a couple of new twists on this otherwise well-known “need”, but I have to admit that I didn’t see it coming when D-Link told me that they were integrating a temperature sensor in their D-Link DCS-825L WiFi Baby Camera. If you just look at the specifications, this is […]

The Owlet Baby Bootie Helps Monitor Your Baby's Vitals From Your Smartphone
Checking on your baby’s vitals can be a tedious job, especially if your little bundle of joy is outside of arm’s reach, or even worse, not even in the same room. Sure – you could install a baby monitor to see what your baby is up to, but wouldn’t you like to know your baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and overall body temperature? Now you can be the overly protective […]


Baby Monitor Hacked, Gave Parents A Scare
Most folks who are new parents for the first time would not mind forking out rolls of money just to ensure that their bundle of joy gets nothing but the very best, including being able to keep an eye (as well as an ear) on the little one throughout the night, even from a different room. This is made possible thanks to advancements in modern day technology such as baby […]

Raspberry Pi Makes For A Decent Baby Monitor
Parents, especially new ones, are always more than ready to rush to the aid of their younglings (yes, I watch too much Star Wars) the moment they start to kick up a fuss, and this is where baby monitors come in handy so that you can have a grip on the situation remotely (within the same house, of course). Well, we all know that anything to do with baby stuff […]

Samsung WiFi Baby Monitor
[CES 2012] Samsung is coming up with a new WiFi Baby Monitor. Last year at the same event, we spotted the an earlier version of this Samsung WiFi Baby Monitor, and it looks like it is finally going to make it as a product (last year’s model wasn’t on the Samsung website earlier this month).This camera works just like the Samsung WiFi Surveillance Camera: it is quick to setup if […]

BabyPing turns your iOS device into a baby monitor
If you feel the need to keep an eye on your baby throughout the night because he/she sleeps in a different room you probably have a baby monitor to do the job. While audio-only monitors have done the job for many years, it looks like they’re about to get a significant upgrade with BabyPing: a combination of your iOS device, a free app and a baby monitor over a WiFi […]

Smart Baby Monitor concept
Which would be the most paranoid group of people whom you know? Apart from secret agents who are trying to infiltrate into a particular organization or group, there are first time parents who would most of the time, fall hook, line and sinker when it comes to the kind of stuff that are being peddled for them to purchase. We are quite sure that Baby Monitors are nothing out of […]

Sense4Baby electronic fetal monitoring system works wirelessly now
The West Wireless Health Institute has achieved new heights with its portable cardiotocography (electronic fetal monitoring) system, where said device will communicate either over cellular or a Wi-Fi connection, allowing a physician to monitor fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions from afar without having to be there in person. This constant monitoring would go a long way in creating a more complete picture of the patient’s condition, and might just be […]

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor Kit
Paranoid parents (usually first time parents are like that) will find that the Philips Avent DECT ought to do its bit in soothing their fears, thanks to the guarantee of zero interference from various wireless devices as well as the added peace of mind that its encrypted connection offers. In addition, the Avent DECT comes with a humidity sensor that alerts you to dry conditions which could irritate your little […]