[CES 2012] Sennheiser knows more than a thing or two about quality audio, and their latest release, the PC 320 gaming headset is the result of a collaboration between World Champion Counterstrike team mTw so that gamers can experience a new level of comfort and sound whenever they lay the gauntlet down over an online server. The innovative design of the Sennheiser PC 320 will make sure that air flows through the headset to the ears, removing the age old problem of built-up heat that can irritate some of us more than others. This makes the PC 320 a joy to wear even for hours on end, as (serious) gamers are known to continue their gaming experience while forgoing sleep and food, stopping once in a while only to attend to their bodily functions.

The PC 320’s soft earpads are mounted on CircleFlex Earcups, making sure that the ear pads are able to rotate around their base, and these will adjust to the ears instantly. According to Andre “nooky” Utesch from e-sport team mTw, “It gets pretty intense in the heat of the game. Having a headset which helps keep my ears and head cool makes a big difference. It helps me win.” Of course, getting this is not the first priority if you want to up your Counterstrike game, as a better mouse, keyboard and doing a thorough read up on map strategy would be far better bets. Other features include a pro noise-canceling microphone, making sure that most background noise is eliminated as you send commands to your mates.

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