Given how we’re purportedly a couple of months away from the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPad, the iPad 3, it would appear that the rumors are starting to ramp up. At the moment the most popular rumor seems to suggest that Apple’s iPad 3 will feature an all new display that would give the iOS tablet Retina display along with a quad-core processor under the hood. While we can’t really speak for the quad-core processor, it would appear that a report from Digitimes seems to suggest that the new Retina display is indeed for real.

According to their sources, both Sharp and LG will be responsible for the manufacturing of the new displays. Supposedly the shipment of these new displays are expected to exceed those used by the iPad 2 by Q2 of 2012, with 6M-7M panels expected to be shipped out in Q1 of 2012 alone. Based on their report, a whopping 10 million display panels will be shipped by Q3 of 2012, which would suggest that Apple is anticipating a greater demand (rightfully so) for their next-generation iPad. Interestingly it appears that there is no mention of Samsung on the list of display panel manufacturers, which as most of us have probably already surmised, is most likely due to their recent legal battle with Apple regarding patent infringements.

However it should be noted that Digitimes has been more miss than hit lately when it comes to reporting Apple rumors, so if you were hoping for a quad-core Retina iPad 3 in March, we suggest you might want to downplay those hopes for now at least until Apple has made an official announcement just to be safe!

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