[CES 2012] You know these modern day smartphones? Sure, they might be able to feature boatloads of bells and whistles that lack just the kitchen sink, but their battery life is rare enough to push beyond one day’s usage with all the options turned on. The SpareOne phone, on the other hand, takes a far more prudent approach by being the only phone in the world that is powered by a solitary AA battery while being capable of maintaining its charge up to 15 years. I would be loathe to review that, considering how it would be 15 years later before I can verify this aspect of the phone in a real world situation, but otherwise, I guess if you need an emergency phone anytime, anywhere in the world, you can’t go wrong with SpareOne and you will not even be bothered by the fact that it does not support Angry Birds.

This dual band GSM phone will play nice with alkaline, NiMH or lithium batteries, sporting a talk time of up to 10 hours and being able to hold its charge for up to 15 years if unused – assuming you use Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium AA battery, of course. Leave it in the car, basement or in the garage, and never worry about it not being able to work due to a dead battery months, or even years down the road. It will use a microSIM card though, and the SpareOne will hit the market this quarter for $49.99 with plans for a WCDMA frequency model for selected regions in the pipeline as well.

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