Steampunk designs can be quite awe-inspiring due to the level of attention paid to the details, and if you’re looking to complete your steampunk cosplay outfit, this steampunk inspired pocket watch might just be the accessory you need to complete your costume. Even more interesting would the fact that it’s solar powered, which to be honest is really quite unexpected since we probably figured it would be most likely be battery powered in the first place.

As we had mentioned earlier, the attention to detail on steampunk inspired designs never fail to impress, and in this case, when exposed to the sun, the turbine blades on the front of the pocket watch apparently will rotate which helps to generate the necessary energy required to keep the internals of the clock going, which we guess would help to explain the name “Solar Powered Turbine Fob Watch”. However when no sunlight is readily available, you will be able to manually crank the turbine yourself. Made out of English pewter and brass, the Solar Powered Turbine Fob Watch is available for $149.

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