[CES 2012] It was bound to happen sooner or later – a casual camcorder from Toshiba’s famed Camileo line that supports stereoscopic 3D recording. This is what the Toshiba Camileo Z100 3D camcorder was born for, so to speak, where it lets you capture memories in both traditional 2D as well as the more modern 3D format. This Full HD barrel-style camcorder will come with a 2.8″ glasses-free 3D LCD touchscreen display that will also do 2D when required, delivering 120x digtial zoom in 2D mode (which I don’t really see the point at such high magnification anyway when most of what you see is bound to be pixelized), and 8x digital zoom in 3D mode.

Want to watch your recorded memories on a HDTV? That’s a snap, thanks to the built-in HDMI port. The Toshiba Camileo Z100 3D camcorder will hit the markets this year in April for a mere $219, which is no April Fool’s joke for sure. Any takers? I do hope the battery life is decent enough to handle the rigors of stereoscopic 3D video recording in addition to keeping the display going, as the glasses-free Nintendo 3DS has proven to have relatively dismal battery life compared to its non-3D predecessor.

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