Remember the much rumored Nokia Lumia 910? For those unfamiliar, the device was rumored to be an upgrade over the yet-to-be-released Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone handset, with the main upgrade being an improved camera with a 12MP image sensor. The rumor seemed highly unlikely due to the fact that the Lumia 900 had yet to go on sale, so why would Nokia release an upgrade so soon? Well it looks like those rumors can finally be put to rest as they have officially been refuted.

The rumor was refuted by none other than Nokia’s Damian Dinning, the head of Imaging Experience of the Nokia Smart Devices division. This was in response to a fan asking him to comment on the rumors of the 12MP Nokia Lumia 910, to which he responded that no such device existed. So if the Nokia Lumia 910 is off the table, we have to wonder what the company has up their sleeves come MWC 2012, especially since this will be the first time in three years that they have attended the event.

Either way we’ll be there during MWC 2012, so do check back with us during that time for confirmation or for more information!

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