Most of us go about our daily task of brushing our teeth without putting too much thought about the technique that we applied. After all, we were taught from young to brush in the proper manner, so everything should be peaches and cream, right? Not quite with the Beam Brush, as this particular toothbrush will not only be able to keep your molars and incisors clean and tartar-free, but it will also be able to transmit data using Bluetooth to a smartphone app concerning its use.

This data includes keeping track of when and for how long the brush was used for. Obviously, this is not a motorized brush, so you will still need to get some manual action in – which is always better in my opinion, as it gives you far more control. At least you can also monitor your little ones’ brushing habits as well so that they need not develop cavities years earlier than expected. The Beam Brush is said to retail for $50 a pop for the base, while its replacement brush head will cost you $3 each.

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