Now here is an idea that you might want to explore if you happen to own a pizza chain, or just a simple pizzeria that is tucked away in a corner somewhere. After all, we do know that pizzas make for an extremely delicious meal especially when you are craving for comfort food, but it is not the neatest kind of finger food to begin with, melted cheese and all. This novel idea could change the ways pizzas are eaten, as the concept Paper Dish brings new life to the sheet of greaseproof paper that is normally placed between the pizza and the cardboard box. It will come with a perforated sheet which will tear apart, and functions as a mini plate in the process for individual slices of pizza. This not only ensures your hands remain cleaner than normal (without the need to wipe them on your jeans), it also helps save the environment to a certain extent by reducing the need for napkins.

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