When you were a kid, do you remember those mood rings that were all the rage? Of course, some swear by them while others think it is nothing but a bunch of baloney, but here we are with a modern interpretation of the mood ring – albeit it comes in a totally different form, that of an e-book. It is said that the e-book “99 Reasons Why” by Caroline Smailes which is tipped to roll out next month will come with its fair share of conclusions, where somewhat like “Choose Your Own Adventure”, you will be able to experience a different ending – depending on your answers to a quiz that is taken prior to reading the book itself.

With eleven possible endings that will definitely change the way you think about the story, some of the questions in the quiz include information such as colors, numbers, and objects. Something tells me that once you have gone through the book with a particular ending, you would just go through the quiz differently and flip to the end of the book after that to discover the alternate endings. Something tells me that someone else would already do something like a “walkthrough” for the book to save you the trouble.

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