So, you think you are one of the best speed readers out there? Since humans love nothing better than a good challenge of their capabilities as well as abilities, here is a little something for you to ponder over – what if there was a book which would allow you to actually beat a particular set time when it comes to reading? Speed reading, that is. Author James Patterson intends to give out 1,000 copies of its self-destructing digital novel, known as Private Vegas.

Assuming you happen to be one of the lucky 1,000, you would have exactly 24 hours on the clock to beat. Should you finish the entire book within that particular period of time, then good for you. However, if you fail to do so, then the book will self-destruct – so to speak. It will not end up in a ball of flames and scorch that lovely suit of yours, no sir, but the text in the book itself will vanish for good.

Not only that, Patterson too, will walk on the adventurous side by selling an actual self-destructing copy – which will retail for a massive $294,038, where it will come with a dedicated bomb squad, of course, to handle any kind of emergencies. Definitely a story experience that is worth checking out, and I do wonder if the clock is about to expire, would speed flipping through the pages defuse the bomb?

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