Apple logoEverything must have a beginning and an end, or at least this is what we all have discovered empirically so far. Having said that, the Justice Department’s showdown with Apple over concerns of e-book pricing is set to enter the hallowed courtroom, and hopefully, matters will come to an end in due time. The Justice Department claimed that Apple executives, the late Steve Jobs included, have met up with publishers, exchanged e-mails and held phone conversations in order to set up a scheme which would increase e-book prices. Apple will stand before a federal court tomorrow in their quest to defend the company name and beat down charges that the company was the one who spearheaded this “conspiracy” to see an inflation in e-book prices.

Not only that, following the proverb to kill two birds with one stone, Apple not only intends to protect its own image from being sullied, but chances are they will most probably take the opportunity to sully the reputation of its major rival Apple as well as 5 book publishers had a suit filed against them in April last year by the Justice Department, where they were accused of price fixing e-books to outflank Amazon in this niche market. So far, all the other five publishers have already settled with the government, although Apple decided to go ahead with the trial. What do you think the future will hold?

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