Invoxia AudiOfficeNeed a nice speaker dock to place your iPhone or iPad when you’re sitting at your desk? Invoxia’s AudiOffice might be what you’re looking for. While it has nothing to do with Audi (let’s hope there won’t be any lawsuits thrown their way), it does look as premium as one. The AudiOffice is essentially a glorified speaker dock that is optimized for VoIP and video call apps. It features a dock for you to keep your iPhone/iPod touch charged as well as a handy slot to place your iPad.

When your iPhone/iPad is in the vicinity, you can pair them up with the dock via Bluetooth so you can make an answer calls with the attached handset. If you need to have a group conference, the four built-in speakers will turn the dock into a speakerphone, which can also be used for playing music when you want to kick back. The Invoxia AudiOffice will also work with non-iOS devices (over Bluetooth and USB), but you just won’t be able to make full use of the onboard charging port.

The AudiOffice isn’t on sale yet, but when it does hit retail outlets, it will set you back $299.99. Check out a video of it in action:

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