bandstand[CES 2015] It looks like the Apple Watch is going to be a hit – or at least, a company known as Standzout are betting in the general direction. Over at CES 2015, they have shown off the idea of the Bandstand Apple Watch dock, where this particular accessory has been described to be the “first great Apple Watch accessory,” and it will rely on an induction charging plate in order to juice the device as it holds the timepiece in place. In addition, there will be a pair of USB ports that would enable one to make use of the dock in order to let it charge up other devices – no doubt an Apple Watch owner would also most probably have an iPhone or iPad in possession, too.

Needless to say, to roll out an accessory before the official device itself is out can be quite a gamble, although there has been whispers of Apple working on a Valentine’s Day launch for the Apple Watch. You can be sure that the Bandstand Apple Watch Dock will not be the last – but rather, it would most probably be the first of many such accessories released in due time.

In fact, some folks are so optimistic of the Apple Watch, that initial guesstimates have pointed to up to 30 million units sold in the first year alone, now how about that?

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