Mass Effect 3 SpaceLast week we announced that Mass Effect 3 would be getting the space treatment, but there weren’t a lot of details about it – we only know that Bioware is launching the game into space and giving a chance for anybody to pick it up. Well today, more details about the promotion have been revealed. Bioware and EA will be partnering with Project Aether at the University of Houston and students of the High Altitude Weather Balloon Club at Texas A&M to make this happen.

There will only be six copies of the game launched into the air in a weather balloon, with the first package taking off this Thursday at 7 a.m PST at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Launches in Las Vegas, New York, London, Paris and Berlin will be after the initial launch. For those of you who are worried about the games being damaged from the fall – fret not. The games will be encased in specifically designed payloads, with HD cameras and GPS monitors to help track and secure the copies.

The games could take anywhere from 2-3 hours to land back on the ground and the landing site could be anywhere from 50-300 miles of where they are launched from. Time to break out those wind gauges, weather vanes, and GPS devices. Still no mention about which platform the game will be on, but judging by images so far, it looks like it could be the Xbox 360 version of the game. Stay tuned to the Mass Effect website for more details.

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