You might think that Mitsubishi is famous for their Evolution cars that snake across Japan’s touge routes, or the air-conditioners that you turn on during those sweltering summer months, but they too, are involved in other kinds of engineering – such as churning out elevators, for example. Sure, it is a different branch of the Japanese conglomerate, but it all falls under the Mitsubishi name all the same. The company has just announced a new range of technologies which results in ultra-high-speed elevators that are capable of traveling faster than 1,000 meters per minute – and we are looking at a top speed of 60 kph. This is commendable, especially when the Burj Khalifa’s Observatory elevators, being double deck cabs, travel at 10 metres per second, which translates to 36kph. Of course, Mitsubishi is also the company behind the elevators installed in the 632-meter Shanghai Tower in China.

Just like cars, going that fast also leads to the question of safety – rest assured that Mitsubishi will deliver enhanced efficiency, comfort and safety as thousands of people traverse through these elevators each day. Fine ceramic is the material of choice for the safety gear shoe as it has a high resistance to heat, abrasion and shock. Never mind if high frictional heat is generated, braking remains extremely stable. [Press Release]

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