Mixberry media is an audio ad network that delivers digital audio ads during web pages or applications loading time. The service offers the ability for brandsto easily create their own audio ads with multiple languages and different voices using the Mixberry Media online AdStudio .

We have covered several times Moodagent, the popular music application that automatically select playlists based on the user’s mood. The latest additions of the Moodagent family of apps are the Spotify app and the new version for Windows phone. Spotify members are now able to automatically build playlist based on various moods such as sensuality, tenderness, sadness, happiness and angriness. Users can mix those characteristics using curves, they can, for example, start a playlist with sensual tracks and progressively play happier songs.  (See screen shots in the complete article).

Moodagent has now an extensive database of mood-rated songs and this data, combined with user behavior analytics and product matching enables the service to deliver great precision for audio ad targeting.

Nokia, Spotify and Microsoft will be the first advertisers to try the Moodagent/Mixberry Media service that will also be greatly appreciated by any company broadcasting or streaming music such as commercial radio, music streaming services or podcast providers. With this new technology, brands will be able to select a specific song that will symbolize their message and have their ads heard when users are listening other tracks with similar characteristics.

In her Internet Trends 2011 presentation at Web 2.0 Summit, Mary Meeker stated that sound will be the next big thing, and she featured a quote by Alexander Ljung, Founder & CEO, SoundCloud to illustrate her point: ”Sound will be bigger than video, Record  is the new QWERTY” (slide 27). It looks like Mixberry Media and Moodagent are opening the way for the “next big thing” in online advertising.

Moodagent app for Spotify – the curves feature to fine tune the moods mixing in a playlist

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