Today can be said to be historical in a place that holds a rich legacy of history itself – that is, the National Museum in Krakow. Why so, you ask? For starters, it marks the beginning of NFC (Near Field Communications) technology being implemented in the museum itself, where NFC-enabled Nokia smartphones are able to gain access to additional information concerning an exhibit through the simple touch of the phone against an exhibit tag. Perhaps with a more interactive experience in museums, the younger generation might give Google a miss for once in their lives when they intend to look something up, but rather, spend some time in a museum instead. The key to museums attracting crowds from the new generation would be to ensure visitors are able to interact or engage with their exhibits, and what better way to do it than with a smartphone and NFC technology? You can borrow a Nokia C7 to get the job done, or use your own NFC-enabled smartphone if you so desire.

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