For those in the market for a set of speakers that have a unique look, you might want to check out this Record Amp and Speaker hybrid, which combines the functionality of a speaker with the body of an old vinyl record. Unfortunately these days the love of vinyl records is limited to handful of aficionados and hobbyists, but if you’ve always appreciated the retro look that old vinyl records gave, then these speakers might be for you.

The speaker itself fits into what appears to be a box of Altoids that has been mounted onto a vinyl record. It will connect to your media player via the 3.5mm audio jack which means that a good many devices will be compatible with it, such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Phone devices and even computers.  It is powered by a 9V battery and supposedly features a pretty good battery life and will provide 10x more gain compared to standard models (we assume he means compared to his other products).

The only button on the speaker is the ON/OFF switch, which means that you will need to control the volume, the changing of songs, shuffle, repeat, etc via the media player itself. If you’re interested in picking up the Record Amp and Speaker hybrid for yourself, pop on over to hesslerk’s Etsy page where you will be able to order it for $44.99.

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