Remote control toys normally involve the usual suspects, ranging from a helicopter to a quadrotor or a car, but I guess the Japanese decided to turn up the madness level by another notch with one of their weirder releases – a remote control cart. Yes sir, you are surely too familiar with those metal carts that can be folded up in half when not in use for easy storage – this idea has gone through the shrink ray and reduced in size, allowing your kids to grow up and wondering whether they should make a living by being the delivery guy who gets the chance to hit up hot chicks at the door.

The remote control cart will retail for around $27 after conversion, and it even is accompanied by a miniature replica box of oranges just in case you run out of your imagination tank and need to tote around something. Perfect for the super lazy, as it can always send that cup of coffee over to yourself so that you need not carry it, or ferry a pen over to the neighboring cubicle whenever your colleague asks for a writing instrument.

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